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Just FEEL: Glass Sculptures & Paintings by Katerina Ganchak

June 20th 6-9pm Opening Event


Showing thru July 7


Java Studios Gallery

252 Java Street

Suite 308

Brooklyn, NY 11102


Exhibition Statement

Just Feel – is a series of glass sculptures and paintings, chosen to liberate from explanation, not framing them in such a widely used term as ‘concept’.

‘Feel’ is an intuitive awareness, a general atmosphere of imagery or situation, and the effect that it has on people.

Viewers are invited to have their own unique individual experience.  Presented pieces build on strong emotional figurative images, which make it possible for every human to relate.

Artist Biography

Katerina Ganchak is a native of Ukraine.  She received a bachelors degree in Design at Transcarpathion Institute of Art in 2004 and Masters Degree in Design in Artistic Glass in Lviv National Academy of Art in 2010.  She worked at Art Glass Factory Galician Glass from 2010-2011 as a Merchandise Designer and a Director of Quality Control Department. 

Currently Ganchak is a New York based artist, working on sculptures from glass and painting. She creates most of glass work using techniques including blown glass, cast glass, fused glass and stained glass.