Born in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. 


MFA — Lviv National Academy of Arts

My work is influenced by the idea that we are unavoidably free to choose our own Path. There is no predetermined way or purpose and that is why we so often feel in the dark. The compositing of rows in my work is a metaphor for the paths we take and the choices we make. 

I am combining my interest in painting and sculpture by creating acrylic medium reliefs that explore the contrasts of surfaces and depths.  My process consists of building reliefs on wooden panels using acrylic based molding paste. Afterwards I finish using acrylic paint.

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Selected exhibitions

2017- New York, New York – ‘Existential‘ Group Exhibition – Georges Berges gallery Soho

2017 – Laguna Beach, California – Group Exhibition- Tumbleweed gallery

2015 – Brooklyn, NY – ‘’The Perceptual Shift’’ – Group exhibition, Image gallery

2015 - Brooklyn, NY - Urban Glass Auction Exhibition at Agnes Varis Art Center

2015 – New York, NY - “Dream Catcher” SpaceWomb Gallery

2014- “Out of Town’’ - Open USA: 44 American Glass Artists Contemporary Glass Society

2014 – Brooklyn, NY - “Just Feel”, - Solo Exhibition, Java Project

2011 - Hangzhou, China - “Group Glass Exhibition”, Shuifa Museum of Chinese Art

2010 - Kiev, Ukraine - “What a fantasy May Come”, Kiev “Bottega” gallery

2010 - Lviv, Ukraine - “Sklokoko”, -Museum of Ideas

2010 - Lviv, Ukraine - 8th International Symposium of  Art Glass

2010 - Lviv, Ukraine - “Condemned to Freedom”. Solo Exhibition –“Primus” gallery”

2010 - Kiev, Ukraine - “The Spiritual Image in Contemporary Art”,“Hlibniy Dim” in territory of Sophia Cathedral

2009 - Lviv, Ukraine - “Autumn”, Lviv Art Palace

2009 - Lviv, Ukraine - “He, She, Nobody Else”. Museum of Ideas

2008 - Lviv, Ukraine - National Academy of Art Exhibition, Lviv Palace of Art

2008 - Kiev, Ukraine - “Love Songs”, Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art

2008 - Lviv, Ukraine - 7th International Symposium of Art Glass